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GERIATRICS - Bariatric Obesity in Older Adults: Implications for Physical Therapy

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The obesity epidemic that has plagued United States has now become pandemic, affecting all ages,including older adults. In most practice settings,physical therapists who treat older adults will examine and treat patients with the co-morbidity of obesity. The implications of obesity on every system of the body and the functional consequences will be discussed.Weight stigmatization will be briefly reviewed as it relates to clinical practice. Case studies will be used to cover examination, and treatment modifications in various practice settings.

Editor: Barbara Billek-Sawhney, PT, EdD, DPT, GCS

Learning Objectives:

  1. describe the prevalence and impact of obesity in older adults on health care.
  2. explain concepts of obesity development and the relationship of obesity to other diseases.
  3. adapt the physical therapy examination and interventions for patients who are obese.
  4. identify resources needed and available for clinical practice with patients who are obese.
  5. evaluate various tests and measures appropriate in the assessment of patients with obesity via case studies.
  6. synthesize information to develop comprehensive physical therapy plans for different practice settings and make appropriate referrals utilizing case scenarios.

Jane Killough


Dr. Killough is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at the College of St. Scholastic in Duluth, MN,where she is responsible for content related to physiology of exercise and injury, geriatrics, multiple system conditions,screening, and acute care physical therapy. Her 18 years of clinical practice has encompassed patient rehabilitation, acute care, and home care. Dr. Killough attained her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Simmons College, Master of Arts in Physical Therapy from TheCollege of Saint Scholastic, Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the Pennsylvania State University, and her Bachelor of Arts from the Carleton College.

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